Praia de Imbassaí

On the north coast of Bahia there are beautiful beaches, one of them is Imbassaí, 65 km from Salvador airport and just after Praia do Forte, a charming village with everything in the right size. 

Furthermore, the town has few good restaurants, a super pleasant cycle path, a spectacular beach, a generous river and lots of vegetation. Not to mention that on the north coast of Bahia it rains much less than in Salvador, so it's almost certain that you'll be able to get sunny days even in "winter".

Imbassaí beach is one of the best beaches in the region, perfect for surfing and sports. For families with children, we suggest the sea at low tide and the river when the tide is high. The river is great for kayaking and paddleboarding.

It is very close to Praia do Forte where you can find several shops and restaurants.
There are also other excellent beaches very close by, such as Santo Antonio, Massarandupió, Itacimirim and Guarajuba.
A few kilometers further is Mangue seco beach.

Anyway, the region is delightful!


You will find restaurants serving Bahian, contemporary and Japanese food, as well as really nice beach huts.

Our highlight goes to the Vilangelim Restaurant with delicious dishes and a super special atmosphere. Open every day, from lunch to dinner.

One of the best-known restaurants in the village is Jerimum Café e Restaurante, which is a lovely place and even has live music (excellent!!) on Fridays and one of the best pizzas on the north coast. Unmissable!

Soon after, with a modern but intimate look, there is the Kengy Restaurant that delights even the most demanding fans of Japanese food.

The Guayas Restaurant is a success story and has its loyal customers, from the salad to the moqueca everything is made with perfection. Our favorite dish is the filet mignon medallion.

The É Massa bar and restaurant is open every day and is perfect for practical meals and a late afternoon beer in the village. With fair prices, it is right in the middle of the main street of Imbassai. Other restaurants with the same footprint are Micasa (which also delivers to home) and Tapas Paris-Leon, with snacks, French crepes and others. Micasa and Tapas Paris-Leon are located in front of a cute little square. There are several kiosks with acarajé, tapioca or pastries and live music during weekends and holidays. It's a perfect place to take the children to play (sometimes there are bounce houses) and, at the same time, have a snack and maybe dance or have a chat. During the week it is worth checking out the capoeira classes for children.

But if you're feeling lazy and want to stay at home, there's a delicious delivery: artisanal burgers from Burguer Brasa made with love by Brunninha and Marcelo (and you can find them in the cultural square). Noah Noah Pizzas also serves in person and delivers delicious artisanal pizzas. If you choose to go to Noah Noah, be sure to order a cold craft beer at Chopp da Vila.

For lunch, choose to stay on the beach, at a beach hut such as Barraca Coqueiral (known as Barraca da Meire), Barraca Porto das Jangadas (locals call it Barraca da Trudy and Zemar), Barraca Santorini and others. All tents provide umbrellas, sun loungers and the service is excellent!

To get to these tents, enter the beach via the Restaurante do Braz entrance (which is the meeting point in Imbassaí, with live music on the riverbank during the day), the first tent, Santorini, is in the surfers' area. With international and funky music, it is a great restaurant to eat or have a snack.

To go to the other stalls, turn right and walk a few meters until you find the Ita, Meire and Trudy and Zemar stalls, in any of them you will feel at home and eat really well! They have a natural and relaxed look, with lots of wood and sea-inspired decor, and even offer Wi-Fi internet and hammocks to nap after grilled fish.

If you feel like eating an acarajé on the beach, you can ask at the stall for Acarajé da Lívia, which they organize.

A separate attraction on Imbassaí beach are the street vendors who pass by selling everything from cocada to grilled coalho cheese, but if you're a fan of chestnuts you can't miss buying Alex's Castanhas. He is a well-known figure and locals and tourists often buy his bags of crunchy and delicious chestnuts!

If you prefer to have lunch facing the river, Restaurante do Zoião is well known for its fresh fish!

Other places where you can find Baiana do Acarajé are in Pracinha da Jangada and in front of the police module (only in the late afternoon).

In the village you have two great economic options for lunch: Restaurante da Vania serves the "made dish", Restaurante e Lanchonete Sabores na Janela has light and economical options from regional breakfast to lunch.


There are many hotel and inn options but it is well worth renting a house or apartment and enjoying the experience of living in a beach village. Tribos da água has some really cool options for where to stay in Imbassaí. Check the link, if you don't find what you're looking for, contact us via WhatsApp for a chat -